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Each week, we receive a ton of messages from people needing help in Digital Marketing. All from anywhere on the gambit of needs from advise, help getting a plan and strategy in place, and even other agencies needing consulting.

We are honored to help all those we come in contact with, and we do take the time to go through every message we receive. As the founder of Clay Digital, I believe that as we journey through life we are to help others connect in a meaningful and personal way. As a company, Clay Digital helps business owners CONNECT with its audience to affect the world around it. Because our goal is to help others on their journey we want to hear from you, and we will read every message. 

With that said, there are 3 things to keep in mind before you use the form below. 

  1. Be Specific – We receive many messages daily. Please keep your short and specific. 
  2. Consulting Requests – We turn down over 50% of consulting requests and only work with an average of 6 short term clients per year. We use a weekly consulting rate, and we are expensive, but we get results. If you have a business and are in a position to scale, and believe that the Clay Digital Team can help you get to that level. Drop us a note. 
  3. Strategy Sessions – We love doing strategy session, as it means our message is resonating and people are actively working on growing their businesses. In your message, be direct and let us know where you are now and what your direct goals are in the future. 

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