Looking for a Web Designer that can give you a great new website?

In today’s business world, putting your best foot forward can make the difference between getting a new client and helping your competitor gain one. As technology continues to expand, we become more and more visual in how we interpret the world, and we have all heard “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your website helps prospects visualize who you are. The team at Clay Digital has been building companies their web presence since the early days of the digital environment (1996). 

All Designs are 100% Custom, No Templates Used.

Your company is unique, so instead of trying to fit into the mold and use a template, we believe you have the right to a website as unique as you. We build fully custom websites based off of a proprietary conversion framework that Mike, our founder, has developed over the last 20 years in marketing. This gives you a custom design that is creative and unique. 

A specialized team dedicated to your project.

You will work closely with a project manager who makes sure the right people are involved at the right time. This allows you have a single point of contact all while still having the power of a highly skilled team. 

We Provide The System, Training, and Resources for You To Manage Your Website.

Your company is constantly evolving, and people are looking for the most current information available. We use a user-friendly and adaptable content management system that allows you to edit content with ease. As we go through achieving your goals, we take note on the areas and pages within your website that will have frequent changes and make sure they are coded in a way that gives you the ability to change the content as often as you need. Along with the coaching and training, we also provide support and training to help you, including a tutorial portal with training videos. 

More than Beauty: Proper Website Design and Development Focuses on Converting.

We ask the important questions to target and fine tune your website to focus on generating more leads and prospects. Traffic and conversion are the aspects of Digital Marketing that generate ROI and results. By having a website focused on conversion, you receive a much higher return on investment.