A 90 Day Local SEO Campaign

Job Goals / Objectives: 

The client wanted to scale and to do that they needed more phone calls. To generate these calls in a moderate size but highly targeted demographic the marketing team at Clay Digital decided that a Google Maps campaign would get the best ROI. To do this we needed to do a few things . 

  • Update The Website to target a larger area, while still staying withing the service area
  • Build a page more relevant than the competition in the area (and to compete with 2 national brands)
  • Increase overall visibility in map listings to increase phone calls


We saw a massive jump in overall traffic to the website. 486% increase to traffic over 90 days after the launch of the campaign. 

We also saw a massive jump in overall visibility of the company in search. A jump from 20% to 80% within a 2 weeks of launching the new campaign

In the first quarter of 2018  the company received 148 calls directly from their Google My Business Listings in the local maps. Those numbers spiked and have held with the launch of our campaign. In fact the company has received 2980 calls the 2nd quarter after the campaign launched.