Digital Marketing Services

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Today's society has shifted to the Digital World.  This shift changed the way Marketing is done.  A few years ago some companies started to include the the online and digital world in their marketing strategies.  

Now, because of how technology has evolved, Smart Business Owners know that you Start in the Online and Digital World and move out from this starting point.

Digital Marketing now sets the correct tone for Brand Engagement and the ability for small and medium sized businesses to market along side and overtake corporate giants.

Digital Marketing Analysis Sneak Peek

Don't miss out on all the new business you can get with a full scale Marketing Strategy. 

Landing Page Optimization

By creating different versions of a page within your website we are able to "TEST" a page for conversion. This is called A/B Testing, and is one of the ways we work to Optimize your website. We know that if you are not testing, your business isn't growing.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Customers finding you online is a major step in driving traffic to your website. Without a steady flow of traffic your business can't reach its full potential. With our proven system, we tend to stay 6 months ahead of industry changes.

LinkedIn Marketing

B2B Marketing is an art form all to itself. To get started you need to talk to business owners where they are. This means LinkedIn. The only social network designed to let you talk directly to a business owner and bypass gatekeepers. 

Reputation Marketing

What are others saying about your business?

Do you know?

Your digital reputation matters and directly relates to your revenue. If you are not protecting your reputation, you are losing customers. Clay Digital takes it to the next level by leveraging your reputation to make the phone ring.